Not-So-Black SVAN

I’m just going to say it and get it out of the way. I love the Svan. LOOOOVE it. This chair was one of the first products I fell in love with, and my relationship with Scandinavian Child was one of the greatest factors in my decision to pursue this ridiculous/amazing career I have built for myself. It’s also the high chair I’ve selected for #BabyGuyMotherLode. You’re welcome.


The Svan is a completely adjustable and supportive high chair for your little guy that grows with them from 6 months until 250 pounds. Yes, 250 pounds. With an adjustable seat and a fully adjustable foot rest, the Svan is the ultimate in comfort—eliminating the dreaded “bar stool effect” of dangling legs. Let me break this down for you:


I’ve sat on many bar stools in my day. If you do not have a foot rest, your legs dangle and it’s very uncomfortable—even straining your lower back. With proper leg support, you sit correctly, spine in alignment, and are able to enjoy yourself a bit more—be it at the bar or the dinner table.


The Svan is also able to be pulled up directly to the table, so meal time can actually include the entire family regardless of age. Eating in the living room? The Svan, unlike similar chairs, has a tray so you can eat wherever you please! Don’t forget that kids make a mess! The Svan also has a machine-washable seat and back cushion, and a dishwasher-safe tray that actually FITS IN A DISHWASHER.


As your child gets older, they can even climb in and out of this chair unaided without any fear of it tipping over because of its conical design. That’s right: it’s not going to tip. Trust me, I have climbed all over it and it doesn’t budge. This is a great chair that will last for years.



The Svan retails for $280 and is available at and at various juvenile retailers.




I am THRILLED to include the Svan in #BabyGuyMotherLode. Mealtime is an important bonding ritual for families, and this chair helps this important event to be more enjoyable. What is your favorite food?



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