Orbit G2 with Sidekick

Fly Me to the Moon…….

I've a confession: I am a stroller snob. I should be. Strollers are what got me into this business, so they will always be near and dear to my heart. I don't think there is a “perfect” stroller. Sorry. All lifestyles have very different needs, and there are strollers that continue to pop out to fill those needs. Some succeed, some fail miserably. Some nail it the first time around, some NAIL it the second time around.

Orbitbaby continues to innovate and improve it's amazing product line with the G2 and their ride-along board, The Sidekick.

When the Orbit first launched a few years ago, I was still working retail in Manhattan. I am going to be honest: I was not sold on it. Let me rephrase that: I LOVED the carseat, thought the frame was very interesting but overlooked a few things and I greatly admired the innovation regarding the car seat base and being able to dock the car seat onto the frame. What I didn't like was the Toddler Seat and the weight of the Toddler Car Seat. The Toddler Car Seat is still a little heavy, but WOW have they improved the seat and frame.

The handles now have a single push-button telescoping action, instead of that nib spring I hated. The Toddler Seat has now been transformed into a seat that can accommodate a child from birth-40 pounds with a wonderful new recline mechanism that is INCREDIBLY smooth and easy-to-use. The handle bar has a swivel attachment, which makes loading and unloading your nugget very easy, and the adjustable foot support is absolutely top-notch!!! The canopy is gigantic and the rain shield is PVC-free, which brings me to it's construction materials. The fabric and foam used is “Orbit-green,” which means it complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100—the first stroller in the world to do so. The included snack tray and lid are also BPA and PVC-free. Strong work. I was also thrilled with the introduction of the Ruby color, which is incredibly sexy (it was about time for more colors than Black and Mocha)

The G2 will fold with the seat attached, but for a more compact fold you should remove it, which is very easily accomplished. With a seat weight of 10 pounds and a frame weight of 16, it might be easier to put in and out of your car taken apart anyway. Two-piece folds DO have their advantages 😉

Another wonderful thing that really sets the Orbit G2 apart from other strollers is their ride-along board for older kids called the Sidekick. This is a skateboard-like stand that attaches to either side of the stroller frame, allowing the child to ride alongside the parent instead of underneath them like 99.99999% of other boards out there (see the pic). The board has great wheels a really terrific non-skid surface and handles that attach to the frame, allowing for a secure ride. The Sidekick is easy to take on and off, but why would you want to do that when the frame actually folds with the board attached? WOOT! Have three kids or you nanny-share? Buy a second Sidekick and attach one to both sides!!! 3 kids on one stroller? Why not?? The Sidekick accommodates children from 2 years old-50 pounds. Sadly I am skinnyfat and would break it 🙁

Eco-conscious company with an eco-friendly stroller
Frame accomodates car seat, stroller seat and toddler car seat
Seat spins so that handles can stay out of the way in restaurants 😉
SUPER suspension on all four wheels
Handles adjust with one hand

3 Color Choices
Bulky when folded with seat attached

**I was provided with product for this review**



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