Orbit Baby Double Helix

I am not going to mince words: Orbit is one of the NERDIEST strollers around…and I mean that with much love.    It should be no surprise that their long-awaited double stroller, the Orbit Baby Double Helix, is designed to seamlessly blend with their existing G2 Stroller.  The science behind how Orbit is designed, constructed, and the materials used (especially those NOT used, namely flame retardants and chemicals no one wants on their baby's skin) is enough to make your head, like their seats, spin. See what I did there?


Those of us who are fans of Orbit and their innovative SmartHub technology have been waiting for their double for a long time. A LONG time. I saw the Orbit Baby Double Helix for the first time at ABC Kids Expo last year, and was allowed to make the first independent video demonstration of the system. I clearly nerded-out, and not much has changed with me in the year since. I am still a giant #StrollerNerd, and I embrace that. Without further delay, let's meet the Orbit Baby Double Helix, and see EXACTLY what they've been up to over there in San Francisco…


Designed as a supplement to the existing G2 Stroller frame, the Double Helix consists of three parts: Double Helix frame, handle, and undercarriage basket (a completely new design with easy access, which should appease haters of the CargoPod).  Brackets, which are included in the frame, clamp onto the existing chassis, and a new handle with two cupholders and a solid handlebar replaces the existing handles. The new handle is also height-adjustable, but also has a rotation feature which is nice—especially when dealing with leverage needed to curb-bump it. More on that later. A new feature included with the final product of the Orbit Baby Double Helix is the ShadePad, which is designed to both shield young eyes and skin from the sun AND hold your tablet or iPad (don't laugh, it might come in handy for kids in the bottom seat who need to watch Finding Nemo). The Orbit Baby Double Helix steers incredibly well, using the middle set of wheels as a pivot point, and I never once came close to kicking it and I am 6'2. I just can't kick it—I just can't.

The Double Helix frame is also built using the SmartHub frame, which allows docking the Bassinet, Infant Car Seat, or G2 Stroller Seat (not the Toddler Car Seat). Because the seats rotate, you can easily load your passenger sideways and then spin them into place—eliminating any awkward loading from the top or sides in the lower seat. That, my friends, is absolutely brilliant.

What is NOT brilliant? One thing I was concerned about was the ability to Curb-Bump it. Using the grey footrest in back for leverage, it's easy to bump it up a curb or a step, but anything other that two or three steps becomes troublesome. Of course, this will depend on the rise and run of the steps (how high versus how deep they are), but I can imagine you will REALLY need to consider steps you deal with on a daily basis before purchasing this.  The Double Helix is also a longer stroller than many in-lines, but it doesn't really feel like it due to it's maneuverability and weight distribution.

Speaking of purchase, the price is not nearly as bad as one might think. More than likely, people who purchase the Double Helix already have the G2 frame, and the Upgrade Kit is $350. Not “cheap” but certainly not as much as a double stroller. What is interesting about this stroller is that buyers probably already have the Infant Car Seat and the G2 Stroller Seat, so you're just buying the Upgrade Kit and docking seats you already have. Once your older child outgrows the stroller phase, you can take the Double Helix off, snap on the Sidekick board, and then you've a single again with one of the BEST ride-along boards on the market.


I am a big fan of the Orbit Baby Double Helix. It's smooth, it's nerdy, it's innovative, but I don't think it's gonna be the answer for everyone. Happily, no stroller is…


The Orbit Baby Double Helix ships to retailers in October. Pricing for the Upgrade Kit begins at $350, and the Double Helix Stroller Frame (which you'd buy if you'd no Orbit yet) begins at 1,310 (dependent upon which seats you purchase).



24 Inches Wide

Double Helix Stroller Frame (without seats):  16 lbs

Infant Car Seat:  10 lbs

G2 Stroller Seat:  16 lbs


Total weight of Double Helix will depend on what seats you use.



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