Pencil it In

Keeping track of feedings and diapers are very important with a newborn, especially in the early period. With plenty of room to write down changing times, diaper info, feedings, etc, the Skip*Hop Day to Night Baby Log is a sanity saver, and is the next prize in #BabyGuyMotherLode


Pediatrician wants to know how many wet diapers your baby has had?

Did you forget what time you fed the little guy?

Did you schedule a visit from Grandma and have forgotten??????

Do you have time to have me over for a cocktail and a chat???

Open this book!!


What really makes this book stand apart from others is the GENIUS addition of a built-in nightlight in the center of the book. This allows you to make notes at any time of the night without turning on a bright light that could wake up that nugget. I speak from experience that this single feature saved me (and my toes) much grief during nighttime with The Nuggets.


Day to Night Baby Log retails for $39 and is available at and various retailers.





Time for GOOGLE!! Skip*Hop is a wonderful company that makes terrific products for parents that is based right here in New York City. Who are the founders of the company?? Leave their names on this post!!!


This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Three ways to enter:


  1. Comment on the Blog
  2. Comment on and leave that comment linked here
  3. Tweet something to the effect of: “__________ are the founders of @SkipHop and I entered to win #BabyGuyMotherLode at”





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