phil & ted’s nest

Over the River and Through the Woods…..

2 dogs.
1 dog bed.
2 car seats.
2 parents.
1 guncle.
2 nuggets.
2 bouncers.
2 diaper bags.
Several presents.
1 suitcase.
1 bed.

ALL of these were crammed into the back of my sister's Murano as we made our way from Minneapolis to St Cloud for Christmas at the in-law's. I know you're shocked we all fit, but I forgot to mention something: the suitcase and the bed were the same item.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the phil & ted's nest.

I first saw this item in Vegas at the ABC Kids Expo and was floored. It looks like a simple suitcase for travel. However, when you unzip the bottom, something resembling a sled slides out. Release a few snaps, pop in a few support pieces and BAM—you have a travel bed/Moses Basket/bassinet that can be used from birth until 9 months. The walls are nice and high and the top zips closed with an insect net which would come in handy for outdoor use in nicer weather (did I mention it is freezing in Minneapolis at Christmas?). A solid base along with handles also makes it quite easy to carry around with a sleeping nugget inside. Vivian, the “Nugget of Judgement” of the twins, actually fell to sleep immediately after being placed inside. She will not sleep in ANY other portable/collapsible bed system but she slept all night long in the nest, which is beyond lovely. As we all know, sleep, especially while dealing with (errrrr, TRAVELING WITH) family, is a lovely thing.

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EASY set-up and break-down
Terrific mattress inside the bed
TONS of room for baby clothes, diapers, booze (which is MUCH needed for most family trips)
super cute


When the Sleeping Nugg rolled in their sleep, the nest came veeerrry close to tipping….

I love this product. The Nuggs loved this product. Sleep was achieved. Christmas was saved.

Did I mention it retails for $100? Yes, I am serious.


Cocktail of Choice: Fat Tire beer (when I have access to it, it's what I go for—just ask @SmonkYou)

What I Use It For: It makes a great hamper for smaller loads of laundry! Laundry in the basement? Carry it in a cute hamper that you can re-fold the laundry into!!!

**I was supplied product for this review**


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