Guess what? If you haven't noticed by now, sometimes boobs leak. Sometimes you will leak through your clothing at the store and feel great shame. Sometimes a Hallmark commercial will make you cry, and you will leak through your shirt and your kids will yell “Honk Honk, here comes the milk truck.”*

*Disclaimer: we actually said this to my own dear mother while she was pregnant with or nursing my youngest sisters. If I only knew then what I know now. Sorry about that.

I was introduced to Bamboobies shortly before the 2010 ABC Kids Expo. I threw a little Twitter Party and she lovingly donated to the event. My sister was also gifted a set after delivery of The Nuggets. To say they are also one of my sister's favorite items is putting it mildly. In fact, we need to order more. She simply cannot use any other nursing pads on the market after being spoiled with these.

Bamboobies Are:
–incredibly soft
–very absorbent
–available in different styles (either thicker for overnight or in a thinner heart shape for discretely wearing under your clothes)
–just the best

End of story.

Disposable nursing pads suck, and can often irritate your sensitive nipples.

Your body has already been through so much. Why not treat it to something that is, to quote Cousin Eddie (breastfeeding advocate from “Christmas Vacation”) “real nice.” And once you;re finished with nursing, you can use them as coasters! Yes, my mother actually thought they were coasters, but I suppose that's what happens when you leave things out when company comes over…..

Oh, but Bamboobies makes so much more. There's also a terrific nursing cover/shawl, which is fittingly called the Cute Little Nursing Cover. If you're a mom that wants to be a bit more discreet when nursing, this is a wonderful item for you. No crazy prints on the fabric means you won't look like a big paisley mess, and the blend of organic cotton, soy fibers, and spandex (to give it a wee bit of stretch) will make for a very comfortable experience for all involved.  The draped neck also allows for easy access to baby's face to see if they're nailing that latch or not 😉

Bamboobies Nursing Pads are available online and vary in cost.
The Cute Little Nursing Cover retails for $44.
All are available at



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    So much better than those disposal pads.

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