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QuickZip Sheet

I’ve known about these sheets since way back in the day. They used to be called Clouds & Stars, but they changed their name to QuickZip – they are the coolest sheets ever. We all know..changing sheets suck but QuickZip makes it SO much easier.

A lot of the organic mattresses are really heavy and it’s really hard to lift the mattress out of the crib every time you need to change the sheet – not. with. these. Think of it as a mattress case. When the top gets dirty, you simply unzip the top off and replace it with a clean one. My nieces use these currently on their twin beds and they’re awesome.

It’s an innovative product, awesome for bunk beds, really great for people with arthritis or other hand mobility issues. They come in a bunch of colors and have a dot print and a soft minky version. Do yourself a favor and buy a set.



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