Britax B-Ready

Another day, another stroller review.

I hope you're all doing well. I've been a bit busy, and today it was raining so much I thought I'd need a raft to leave my apartment (which means I had a bag of popcorn for lunch—yes, I am serious). I thought I'd take this time to whip up a quick review of the Britax B-Ready and what it has to offer for 2012.

If you've been following me, or StrollerTraffic, for a bit, you'll know I was one of the first outlets (via StrollerTraffic) to have media coverage of the B-Ready in the USA. I saw it and immediately flipped out for two reasons: how easy it was to use two car seats on the frame, and the fold of the backseat which enabled you to collapse the stroller without taking the backseat off. Britax has done one hell of a job marketing and promoting this stroller—and with good reason. It's at a great price point, does a LOT, and is a smart purchase.

It's an even BETTER purchase now that the 2012 model has arrived. I know, this review is a bit late. Sue me. The 2012 B-Ready has all of the features that you loved of the B-Ready:

Reversible Seat
Suitable from 6 months-55 lbs, unless using optional car seat or bassinet feature
Ability to EASILY transport 2 car seats, or a car seat and stroller seat, or bassinet, or 4,000 different configurations
Compact fold, even with the second seat on

What the 2012 brings to the table is a more upright stroller seat position in its most forward position, tweaks on a few features such as harness buckle….and NEW WHEELS!!!


HUZZAH!!!! Did you hear those trumpets???? Behold: new tires on the B-Ready that are tubes injected with foam so that you get an AMAZING ride and they can't go flat. You guys. Britax just nailed it.

The undercarriage basket is even big enough to hold a bag, a blanket for the park, and your child (should they give you attitude).



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