Kid-Friendly TV? There’s an App For That

Fact:  I am a pop culture junkie.  Most of you are probably aware of this because I constantly overshare all the movies I watch and plays I see.  I’m a child of the 80s, what can I say?  Saturday morning cartoons were a HUGE deal to me and, I like to believe, a big part of how my weird sense of humor was developed.  They just don’t make ‘em like “Inspector Gadget” anymore.



I received an email from a friend a few weeks ago introducing me to a new app called Kidoodle.TV.  At first I was like “apps aren’t my thing and I don’t really cover them” but then I checked it out and had a long day of merriment getting to know the people behind it.  I was impressed.  How many times have you wanted to let the kids watch streaming movies only to have them access something they shouldn’t?  YouTube is just as bad because videos of kittens sometimes link to things kids shouldn’t see, not to mention YouTube is covered with ads you have no control over.




Enter Kidoodle.TV (seen in the screenshot above and YES the wallpaper is the ceiling of the Paris Opera House).  This app allows you to create profiles for each child, enabling you to limit content they have access to as well as time spent watching TV.



You even have the ability to “lock out” shows you don’t want them to see (example: not into guns?  You can block “G.I. Joe”).  This feature will EVEN ENABLE YOU TO BLOCK OUT CAILLOU!!!!!!!  You can pick your jaws up off the floor now.



All the settings are locked in the “Parents Room” so you don’t have to worry about little fingers changing things up.  Actually, you don’t really have to worry about any of the content on Kidoodle.  THAT is what makes it great.  It’s all aimed towards kids.  You have educational programming, nature shows, current cartoons, and lots of retro cartoons as well.  Because EVERY CHILD deserves to live in a home where they have access to “JEM and the Holograms” and “Inspector Gadget.”  That’s just the truth.



The interface is incredibly easy to navigate–even little guys who can’t read can choose programming based on pictures.  And Kidoodle is only growing from here.  More content is coming, more platforms will be supported, and more networking between parents will happen.  They have things up their sleeve.




For $5 a month you get a LOT of piece-of-mind….and you get your movie queue back.  So check it out.  Everyone who signs up for the service gets 14 days FREE, then you have to enter your card information to continue using it.  $5 for controlled content.  Not bad.  Give up a coffee a month. is available for iPad/iPhone and Android.



Speaking of checking it out, I’m running a little giveaway with the lovelies at Kidoodle.TV.  I have TEN year-long subscriptions to giveaway to lucky readers!!  What are you going to watch it on?  Well, I also have 2 iPad Minis to be given away!!!!  This is a fun one, folks.  Let’s get crackin!!!!


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