Review: Nuna Zaaz High Chair

Alright. Let's get it on. High chairs. There are MANY on the market, and the bulk of them seem to be giant plastic seats that take up your floor space and are hard to clean. That's where the Nuna Zaaz comes in….and you'll be thankful for it.

I saw the Nuna Zaaz while in New Zealand, and when I found out the company was finally going to be peddling their wares here in the USA, I was so excited to get to play with this chair a bit more. Now I am excited for everyone to have the chance to buy it.

First thing that matters: is it easy to clean? YES. Yes it is. Featuring a foam pad with no seams or creases, the seat is incredibly easy to wipe-down as well as being comfortable for your little muncher. The tray is dishwasher-safe (and will actually fit in the dishwasher and not take all the space), and can detach for eating directly at the table. The 5-point-harness is also easy to pop out to clean using a plastic “key” located on the back of the chair–you simply push it in the slots where the harnesses are secured and the straps pop out. This also allows for easy conversion of the harness from a 5-pt to a 3-pt.

The Nuna Zaaz is also height-adjustable, and uses a lever in the footrest to adjust. Speaking of adjusting, it is truly a chair that grows with your child. Six months-220 pounds. That's a LOT of bang for your buck.

The Nuna Zaaz is available now from Magic Beans and other retailers for $299.95. It's awesome. Seriously. The Zaaz is, without a doubt, in my top 5 high chairs currently on the market.



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