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Last year when I was in New Zealand, I was able to visit a few baby stores.  I saw several cool products, as well as a few that were…..well, NOT.  One of the cooler product lines I saw was from a company called Nuna.  Lucky for us, Nuna is finally launching here in the good ol' U.  S.  of A.  Let's take a look at the Nuna Leaf.


The Nuna Leaf is suitable from birth-over 100 lbs.  Depending on what you read, the weight limit maxes out around 120-133 lbs.  Using a side-to-side swaying motion (much like a leaf falling from a tree–shocker how that happens, right?), the Nuna Leaf is a smooth and relaxing place for kiddos to hang out.  My nieces are 2 1/2 years old and LOVE hanging out in it.  In fact, we might need a second Leaf because the ladies have “disagreements” over who gets to sit in it.  The seat pad is made of organic textiles, and the seat itself is ventilated for airflow.  It's a seat for the floor with no crazy bells and whistles–and none are needed.  Great design, terrific quality, and hypnotic movement.  It doesn't require a lot of writing, so let's take a looksie at the Nuna Leaf.







Why NOT put my sister in the review as well????


The Nuna Leaf retails for $219.99 and is available from Magic Beans.  Support small and specialty retail, folks 😉

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