Rock Out!!!

A must-have for any parent is a place for the little guy to hang out while you’re busy with other things. The Maclaren Techno Rocker is a great place for just that, and is the next prize in #BabyGuyMotherLode.


Styled to compliment the Techno Stroller, the Techno Rocker is a terrific alternative to many other activity seats on the market that aren’t exactly “pleasing to the eye.” This lightweight rocker has a comfortable padded seat with adjustable recline and a removable toy bar with plush toys (which is great if you’re trying to avoid plastics). The rocking movement is easily controlled by tapping the seat with your foot, and easily stopped by using the prop bar to convert it into a stationary seat. The Techno Rocker also has the extra safety feature of a 5-point harness, which is a rarity in activity seats. What I really love about this seat is the fact that it has a compact fold. Most seats on the market cannot fold at all, much less into a small amount of space. Combine this feature with the carry strap, and you have a great seat for taking to visit relatives and on much-needed summer vacations! With this seat you get a safe place to put your nugget, combined with a bit of style.


The Maclaren Techno Rocker retails for $90 and is available at various juvenile retailers and on-line.




One feature I love about the Maclaren Techno Rocker is its portability, which makes it great for visiting friends and family. This question is a fun one: Who is one family member you look forward to seeing, and who has the opposite effect on you? That’s right! It’s a sassy two-parter.

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