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The first gift in #BabyGuyMotherLode is a PujTub.


I was OBSESSED with this product before it went mainstream, and now that it’s carried in major retailers (and quite a bit cheaper) I am thrilled more people are finding this GENIUS product! On the wall it’s a simple piece of white foam. Pull it off a hook, snap it into a bowl shape via hidden magnets and it is easily inserted into most bowl-style sinks. The cushioning non-toxic foam will not become cold like other plastic tubs on the market, which is amazing. After the nugget is bathed, the Puj comes out, unsnaps, and hangs on the wall again to dry.  It’s the perfect product for parents concerned with space in the bathroom, or who just want a more thoughtful and well-designed product than most infant baths. This is a terrific product to use for the first 6 months as it’s intended.  Then, once your little guy can sit in a bath tub seat, you can use this as a kneeler at the tub—in the beginning, it saves your back by letting you bathe in the sink. In its second life, it saves your knees!!! Regardless, it will save you space and sanity!


Puj Tub retails for $40 and is found at  MBeans.com and other juvenile retailers.


So, this sweepstakes begins on Mothers’ Day. I think of Joan Crawford, HOPEFULLY you think of other pop culture mothers.  So, to be entered into#BabyGuyMotherLode, leave your favorite mom from the pop culture pantheon (movies, tv, books, music, etc) on the blog post, my Facebook page, or tweet it!!! And you’ll have to do this daily, because to be entered for the GRAND PRIZE, you have to have at least one entry method per product. Trust me, it will be worth it.

This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Three ways to enter:

1.Comment on the Blog entry
2.Comment on Facebook.com/TheBabyGuyNYC and leave link to that comment on page of appropriate entry
3.Tweet something to the effect of: “Joan Crawford is my FAVORITE mother-and she’s going to win #BabyGuyMotherLode at BabyGuyGearGuide.com”—again, this is JUST an example—use your own ;) —leave link to that tweet in the comment section on the page of the appropriate entry.


MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ORIGINAL POST HERE!!!!!  http://babyguygearguide.com/babyguymotherlode


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