Tell me if this is familiar:
Bath time. It's all going so well. Your toddler's little hands grasp a cup, fill it with water, and then they pour it directly on the edge of the tub. Water gets all over the floor, your legs, and then they repeat it…..over and over. The Nuggs did it, every little kid I've ever babysat has done it. The edge of the tub is a magnet for liquid destruction.

So Shelfie came along. This tray has suction cups and sticks to the top edge of the tub. There is a raised lip on the back, so when they pour water on it, or place wet toys on it, the water simply goes back into the tub over the curved edge. And Mom, don't worry. It also is a great support for ‪#‎BathWine‬ when you've had a long day. You can find Shelfie online or at BuyBuyBaby at the following link: http://www.buybuybaby.com/…/shelfie-bathtub-play…/1045521621



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