Sneak Peek: The Phil & Teds PROMENADE

Don’t let the mannequins scare you away! This stroller is actually kind of cool. Phil & Teds is known as the company that began the in-line buggy movement, and they still dominate that market. Their buggies are a utility and a necessity for many parents who need a double and either don’t want the extra bulk of a side-by-side or want something a bit sportier. Well, kick sporty out the window, because the Promenade by Phil & Teds is their classiest stroller to date.



With a sleek aluminum frame and a four-wheel design, this is a really sexy single stroller. The seat is easy to recline and has a terrific canopy and swiveling belly bar. The footrest is also adjustable, which is key—AND really sets this particular stroller apart from others on the market because the seat actually converts to a lie-flat bassinet. As far as I know, this is the only stroller on the American market that is a converting seat with an adjustable foot rest. Score. If this company has figured it out, I do wish a certain other stroller dominating the market would. Airless tires, a smoothly-adjusting handlebar, reversible seat and a really easy one-piece fold finish out the single.

It wouldn’t be Phil & Teds without a Doubles Kit. The additional seat also has a smooth, one-handed recline, sun canopy, and also converts to a bassinet (although the foot rest is not adjustable—something I suggested for other reasons to the P&T team). The Double Kit also needs to be removed to fold the Promenade, but it’s really easy to do so (and cuts down on some of the weight—there ARE plus sides to a two-piece fold).

There are 8 possible seating arrangements with the promenade, and it is also car seat compatible (brands to be announced later).  Both seats have a weight capacity of 33 pounds, and the stroller is 25 inches wide.  It’s on the heavier side of singles at 28lbs, and 35 as a double is totally ok.  But, that weight makes it a tank and very sturdy.  A sturdy, SEXY, tank…kind of like Xena:  Warrior Princess (I might add she is ALSO from New Zealand).

The Promenade is sure to be a hit with parents wanting a very sleek design, multiple seating arrangements and terrific maneuverability.

The Promenade retails for $849.99 with a $149.99 Double Kit and is available in November.

I’ll have a FULL review once it’s launched full of more images and details–just not drinking mannequins.

BTW: November is my birthday month. I’ll be 33. I expect gifts 😉



Well, I have the Promenade in my apartment.  After a thorough trip about NYC, I have to say this is a great stroller.  It’s quite smooth, and the seats are actually terrific.  The zip-out sun canopy is a killer, and the handlebar extends VERY far out—which actually makes bumping it up and down curbs easier.  The handle also telescopes down very far, which makes it a plus for public transit and elevators!!!  I was able to spin it a complete 360 in a closed elevator in a New York Public Library.  The undercarriage basket is gigantic and actually held diaper bags, grocery bags, and library books all at the same time.  It’s not a “lightweight” stroller, but the Promenade is not pretending to be.  It’s weight is not really an issue when pushing it uphill due to sturdy wheels.  While we’re discussing the wheels, they do get dirty like any other stroller wheels, so just don’t push a dirty stroller around your house.  Come on.  That’s nasty.  The fold is absolutely terrific and incredibly easy, I just wish it would fold with the second seat attached.  I’ve not many problems with this stroller.  Nope.  Rest assured, this Prom will not give you an embarrassment of CARRIE proportions.

AND YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN IT!!!! This stroller, including the double kit, has a retail of nearly $1,000.  GET ON IT!!  Did I mention it’s open to USA and Canada??  HUZZAH!!!!!  Contest begins on October 26th and ends at Midnight on November 9th.  Good luck!!!


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