Snuggle Up!!!

PLEASE pay attention to this guy’s shoes. Seriously. WHERE CAN I GET THESE? Not that I really want them, I am just curious. They blew my mind on the subway home from the New York International Gift Fair last night.

Speaking of the Gift Fair, I’d like to apologize for my lack of a new post today. I’ve been scouring this huge trade show finding cool new things to bring you, and I am sure you’ll be into what I’ve found.  I’ve actually seen so many nice things, I am going back Wednesday (which I think is today–I am old, so forgive me).  So, in lieu of a new product today, I just wanted to make sure you’ve all checked out my latest reviews and entered the contests!!! There is NOTHING wrong with free product 😉


It’s a Trapp!!!! Check out the Stokke Tripp Trapp!!


Candy Girl: Enter to win the super cute and rainbow-y Dylan’s Candy Bar-inspired Maclaren Volo!!


There’s a Light… Banish all scary monsters and possibly throw things at your pets with the Boon, Inc GLO!!!


I Want Caaaaandy!!! Get some sweet reusable wall art to spruce up your living space!!


I Defy You, Doors!!!!! Be the envy of most people you know with what is quite possibly the most narrow double stroller on the market…




Thanks for bear-ing with me as I traverse the Javits Center for one more day during the Gift Fair.  I swear, I’ll make it up to you.  Now, if you could just make it up to me about spreading some site love….;)  I’ll see you tomorrow!!!!!











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