I will be the FIRST to admit I am lazy.


Even though I used to dance for a living, I’ve never really relished working out or going to the gym or paying attention to what I eat.  I’ve never owned a scale. And then, BAM I  AM IN MY 30s AND WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME??



Withings recently sent their STEEL HR watch and BODY CARDIO scale to me to try out. Both connect to the Withings app (which is also used with their TERRIFIC Thermo thermometer that I actually have in my medicine cabinet and still use) and allow you to track variables such as weight, BMI, steps, heart rate, sleep, and many other things that will either ease your mind OR make you realize you need to step up your physical activity a notch (the app itself has a plethora of physical activities it can track as well).  The app also allows you to set various goals regarding weight, steps, etc, and helps you set a plan of attack.  The watch has a battery life of 25 days, which is incredible because I OFTEN forget to plug things in, and the scale will work for a YEAR before you need to charge it. That’s nuts. The watch also has a wee screen that allows you to toggle between date, heart rate, steps, distance walked, an alarm, and my FAVORITE THING—when you get texts on your phone the name pops up on the screen so you don’t have to get your phone out. It’s great for when you don’t want to feel like an a-hole when you’re with friends (something I struggle with because I CONSTANTLY get notifications and it’s work).  And the fact that all of this uploads immediately to your smartphone is pretty damn great. And if you’ve a family, you can create multiple profiles and keep the information organized and separate. Bluetooth is used to connect everything, but you can connect the scale to WiFi to receive weather forecasts when you weigh yourself. The scale is also very thin and attractive, so you won’t look at it as an eyesore taking up space in your bathroom. And you can also integrate the Withings App with My Fitness Pal, which is a terrific app for tracking your food intake.


I’ve even started using the alarm feature on the STEEL HR  watch to wake me in the morning. It uses a gentle vibration on your wrist and that’s so much better than my iPhone noise. Hey, anything to help mornings start off a bit better….



You can find more information at, and make sure you enter the giveaway below!!!!!!





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