Baby Jogger City Versa

Every now and then a stroller comes along that is actually innovative–and it's a bonus if it doesn't break the bank. The Baby Jogger City Versa is one such stroller, and the world shall be a better place for it. I've had it for a couple months now, and nuggets hath been pushed about–here is all the info you want to know:

I first saw the Baby Jogger City Versa last year at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, while voting on the JPMA Innovation Awards. After playing with it, I happily voted on it and it later won. What's innovative about it? Let's discuss.

Baby Jogger is famous for their game-changing one-handed-fold. Although I do not believe one should buy a stroller based solely on how it folds, their fold is VERY hard to beat. They've applied this fold to the City Versa and it's genius. Suitable from 6 months-50 lbs (suitable from birth with a car seat or bassinet attachment), the Baby Jogger City Versa has a great canopy, adjustable footrest and handlebar, GREAT undercarriage basket, and four-wheel suspension (which does a nice job of making up for the tires which resemble the City Mini). The seat has the option of facing out or parent-facing–and it folds facing either direction without taking the seat off.

Kick. Ass. The fold is a two-step process, but is one-handed, so you can actually fold this stroller while holding your child. Nailing it, nailing it, nailing it. The famous “Pull to Fold” strap has extra padding on it to help with pressure on your hand while carrying (it weighs 26 pounds–not lightweight, but not bad at all) and is built into the chassis and hidden under the seat. The back of the seat has triggers that you simply squeeze together and push the seat toward the footrest, folding it in half. Grab the “Pull to Fold” strap, and BANG–compact fold.



So good. And the Baby Jogger City Versa retails for a VERY decent 449.99.



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    We have been using the City Versa for 2 years with my clingy baby who loves to be parent-facing or nothing else! It is SUCH a great price, and also can be purchased with a lovely bassinet, or an add-on skate-board for older kids! and i ADORE the huge basket underneath!

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