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This is better read if you pretend Sofia from “The Golden Girls” is telling it:

Picture it: Vegas. 2010. The ABC Kids Expo. I am there along with thousands of people in the juvenile products industry. I’ve had no sleep. I’d had a lot to drink the night before and lots of coffee to make up for that. I turn the corner and run smack-dab into a booth. (You can end Sofia here)

A booth with a new baby carrier.

I’ve waited since October to be able to share this with everyone. OCTOBER!!!!! I am so good at keeping my mouth shut. Sometimes. I’ve waited to get this in my hands, to play with it, to wear it, and I’ve prayed that it was as good as its potential in Vegas.

It brings me great joy to tell you that it does. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:

The Onya Baby Carrier.

I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll start with aesthetics. It’s wicked cute. A koala and baby are embroidered onto the front of each carrier, illustrating nature’s way of babywearing. Made of cotton, the craftsmanship used to put the Onya together is second-to-none. It’s REALLY well-made. I put myself through college sewing, so I immediately look at seams, finishings, etc when I receive products. This guy is nailing it. You know how many soft-structured carriers have that big plastic buckle on the waistband? Well, Onya covered their buckle so it’s not an eyesore–and that’s just one of the many small touches on this carrier. The Onya comes in two styles: The Cruiser (which is super-soft brushed cotton) and The Outback (which is nylon and air mesh). Enough about aesthetics, let’s talk about function.

With a super-padded waistband, the Onya does a terrific job of distributing weight onto the wearer’s hips and can be worn on your front or back. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable to help hoist your wee one both up AND closer to your body. This carrier is more like a “pouch” style support, which is a knee-to-knee support for your little guy, and the under-leg padding is exceptional. The sleeping hood tucks neatly away, there’s a loop on the shoulder straps to strap toys to, and there are two pouches on the front!! You can wear your little guy from 15-45 pounds in the Onya, so it’s a terrific option once you’ve left a wrap in the early stages of babywearing.

But wait! There’s another zipper on the front! WHAT can it possibly be?

Unzip it. I dare you. Because this is where the Onya is gonna blow your mind. In that zippered pouch is a piece of fabric and a few nylon straps. With just a few simple lacing motions and clicks you now have a portable high chair. You heard me. It’s a baby carrier and a portable cloth high chair all in one. Just go ahead and order it now. There are a few straps, and it took me a little bit to realize where they went, but it’s a fairly quick learning curve and well worth it. Nugget finishes eating, you tuck the fabric up inside and zip it shut. Strap your Nugget on, and they can now have a lovely post-lunch nap! Every day can be like Thanksgiving!!!

It’s comfortable. It’s supportive. It’s completely multi-use! What more could you ask for??

Did I mention it’s only $149?

A lot of love went into this carrier, and I am thrilled to see how people react to it. To Diana Coote and the team at Onya Baby: congratulations. I mean that. It was worth waiting for.

For more details about the Onya Baby, stay tuned for the launch of their new site at OnyaBaby.com.

And prepare to make your friends jealous. One of you is going to win one of your choice. Details below.

Disclaimer: Yes, I received product for this review. How else do you think I’d know about it? 😉

No Eucalyptus was hurt in the making of this product.



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