Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5/70 SIP Convertible

I admit it. I am a giant nerd. I have no shame about, in fact I EMBRACE it. This nerdiness has helped me greatly in the world of baby gear, and it REALLY has come in handy when dealing with car seats. When I was trained as a Child Passenger Safety Technician it completely blew my mind how much I learned during that week, and how much I continue to learn as I play with new car seats as they emerge. There have been a few I am not a big fan of, I am not going to lie. That's definitely NOT the case with the new Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 5/70 SIP Convertible.

Let's just begin with aesthetics to get them out of the way: it's an INCREDIBLY attractive seat. Gone are ugly prints in your back seat. No flowers, no animal print, no crazy stripes–just a sexy and sleek design for parents that don't want to muck-up their car. The upholstery is gorgeous and the Jersey Fresco fabric is so soft I'm jealous. Got a carsick kiddo? Don't worry–the fabric can be removed for hand-washing.

Now, let's get to the nuts and bolts.

Rear-facing: weight limits of 5-45 pounds, which is an AWESOME weight maximum for extended rear-facing. As with all rear-facing seats, you discontinue when either the weight maximum is hit OR the child's head is one inch from the TOP of the car seat shell–whichever happens first. Harnesses must also be AT or BELOW the shoulders in a rear-facing seat, and the highest harness slot rear-facing is 14.5 inches, so you can get a bit of height out of this guy. The harness in RF mode has 7 possible height adjustments (the last 3 of the possible 10 are ONLY for use in FF mode).

Forward-facing: weight limits of 22-70 pounds–a great high weight limit. The harness height (in both directions) adjusts via a tab at the top of the seat, which means you don't have to uninstall/reinstall when adjusting the harness height as your child grows–a MAJOR plus. In forward-facing seats, the harness should be AT or ABOVE your child's shoulders, and this seat offers a FF harness height of 17 inches–that's AWESOME. In all FF seats, you have to change seats when your child either hits the weight limit, or the shell of the car seat hits the top of you child's ears. FACT: most car seat manufacturers just give you a STANDING height (in this case 49 inches), but it's the seated height that REALLY matters.

The LATCH install is VERY easy, and the lock-offs for seatbelt installation are actually quite easy to use compared to others on the market.

Moooooo-ve over, because there's a new car seat in town. And it's a damn good one. Great job, Italians. Great job.



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