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The Dairy Fairy Ayla Bra

Jennifer and I are both big fans of The Dairy Fairy. I like it because I can tell it’s made well and the people behind the company are fun–Jennifer likes it because it’s pretty and functional.
But neither of us are pumping or nursing now. So what to do???
We put out a call on Instagram to find women who are currently pumping or nursing and sorted through a LOT of applicants, and then sent them an Ayla to use in exchange for THEIR honest feedback. It’s something we will be doing more of in the future, so that’s fun.

And I would REALLY like to thank these moms for taking time to give us their feedback AND for sharing their photos with us. You rock.

*Photos match order of review*

“Every once in a while you need something besides your family that makes you feel good about yourself; something that makes you say, yeah, I still got it! That “thing” could be a new hairstyle or maybe a new outfit. For me, it was a bra.
I was given the opportunity to try out a nursing/pumping bra from The Dairy Fairy. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Up until now, I’d been wearing the cheapest nursing bras I could find and they certainly weren’t cute. When I opened the package and pulled out the Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Handsfree Pumping bra, my immediate response was, “umm…its lace!” I don’t wear lacy anything and certainly not undergarments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super cute but those aren’t comfortable. I’m used to cotton and spandex. Those are mom fabrics. Let me just tell you. Not only did it make me feel like a hot momma, but it was super comfy and practical.
It’s difficult for me to find a good fitting bra. I have scoliosis and it makes my bras twist and bunch and it’s just overall annoying. The Ayla has a nice band under the cups that fits snug. It also has a mini underwire. If you were to look through my current, embarrassing collection of bras, you’d find that I actually cut-out any underwire that I come in contact with. They dig into my sternum and sides and I altogether just try to avoid underwires. Not this time. The Ayla’s mini underwire doesn’t even wrap all the way around the cup. It only comes to the mid-center and it keeps everything right where it should be.
Having a nursing bra that is easy to clip and unclip is key to getting my little one his food when he wants it. Thank you for making a bra that has a clip that’s quick and easy to use. Oh, and because the material is thin and flexible, it’s easy to fold down and out of the way while nursing.
Up until I tried the Ayla, I’d never had a hands-free pumping bra and I pumped for over a year for my daughter. The hidden flange openings make it easy and convenient to pump both sides at once. The openings are small enough to keep the flange (mine are 27mm) in place but big enough to fit them through easily.
One of the only things I really dislike about nursing is having to sleep in a bra. I was completely impressed and was actually very comfortable while sleeping in it because it didn’t twist and bunch and the nursing clip made for easy nighttime feedings.
While I’m not big of shopping for bras and definitely not a fan of spending money on a bra, I find myself excited to replace some of my old, worn-out, impractical nursing bras with new ones from the Dairy Fairy.
Thanks Dairy Fairy for making a bra that is practical, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. You can read my complete blog post about the Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Handsfree Pumping bra on”

“I received my Ayla nursing bra yesterday and it is love! This is the first nursing bra I actually feel pretty in! My husband said is that really a nursing bra? It’s
The bra is beautiful, and comfortable,and very supportive, but most of all its practical. I can snap and unsnap the clasps with one hand, which makes nursing
in this bra a breeze. And hands free pumping is just that, hands free! I especially love this feature because I pump a lot to help maintain my supply while my
little nugget is sleeping. The only thing I found I dislike is sleeping in the bra because the wires aren’t the most comfortable when I roll back and fourth in bed.
But other than that I love this bra. I will continue to wear it long after our nursing days are over because it’s just too pretty to put away with my maternity
clothes! The lace is soft and not scratchy and the straps don’t dig into my shoulders like most bras do. I give this bra Five stars ⭐”

“I have the white Ayla in a XXL. I will start out by saying that the bra is beautiful. It has been difficult for me to find bras in my bigger size that are pretty- and the Ayla definitely checks that box. And- my boobs look good in it!
The lace trim on the bottom is pretty, but I will admit that it gets scrunched up after wearing it, so it is not necessary.
I have been wearing the bra daily and have positives and challenges with it. I will start with the fit.
The bra is so comfortable. I’m not sure what is different about it, but it is not restricting and feels good on my skin. I don’t get the achy “can’t wait to take off my bra” feeling with the Ayla.
One challenge I have had with the bra is support for my large bust. While hanging out at home, I love the bra and fit. But, I noticed when heading out and being more active that it doesn’t always give me the support that I need. So, knowing this, I have been wearing the bra for less active outings. I wore it last night to (a rare!) date night with my husband and felt good knowing that I looked good under my clothes.
The part that I LOVE most about this bra is the functional components: breast feeding and more importantly pumping!
Breastfeeding is easy to do in the bra, by simply unhooking the cup. There’s not extra fabric there to deal with, like other nursing bras that I have.
Pumping in the bra is so fantastic! Like most moms, my to do list is a million items long. I am always multitasking and time is so precious. Not having to change into a traditional pumping bra (that is used only for pumping) and being able to DOUBLE pump in the Ayla HANDS FREE is so so fantastic. At work, it has cut down my pumping time and the whole process is just more pleasant. I really appreciate this aspect of the Ayla bra.
So to wrap it up, the Ayla bra is beautiful in lace, comfortable for long days, and just so time efficient and functional for pumping.
I would definitely recommend this bra to nursing and/or pumping mamas. You don’t have to compromise on the look of your bra to accomplish big mom-goals!”

“Upon opening the package I was first struck with how pretty the Ayla bra is. 85% of the nursing bras I own are
‘old lady’ bras, as I call them. Functional and practical but no where close to being pretty or sexy. After wearing, pumping while wearing and nursing my baby boy while wearing the Ayla bra, I can say without hesitation, that this bra is AMAZING! It is comfortable and stylish and the ease with which I could feed my baby made the Ayla bra my now ‘go to’ nursing bra. The pumping ‘hands free’ was just an added bonus. I was able to pump and still have a time for my toddler. I read her a story while getting my pump on!

The only con I personally had was that I noticed you could totally see my nursing pads through the bra. So you will definitely need to wear a cami or tank top in addition to a shirt. I’m sure many women already do that but I’m hot natured and the least amount of layers I have to wear is better for me.

Great product!
Thanks so much for letting me test drive it :)”



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