Uppababy VISTA

I love a stroller. I have quite a few in my apartment, which is a constant source of amusement for company considering I have no children. One of my favorite strollers on the market, as well as one of my most-recommended, is the Uppababy VISTA.

I remember when this stroller launched. I was a wee boy working in the StrollerPit at a certain baby store in Chelsea. I was very intrigued by this stroller because it resembled a small tank for children—and I mean this in the most loving way possible. The wheels were quite substantial, the frame looked incredibly strong, the undercarriage bag was HUGE and the seat looked very comfortable: perfect for any kids and parents needing to fight the good fight navigating any terrain they came across. Over time this stroller became one of our favorites. The “StrollerBoys,” as we called ourselves, grew to love this stroller like a snow day—and customers soon agreed. I was even written up in the Wall Street Journal for talking people out of more expensive strollers and into the Uppababy VISTA. This was a sore spot amongst management, but I always valued my honesty. If a less-expensive stroller was better for your lifestyle, you were going to get what worked as far as I was concerned.



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