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This Is A Rockstar Car


My friend Jennifer Link is one of my partners-in-crime in this wacky baby industry.  Pregnant with baby number 2 (!!!!), Jennifer often helps me review things, especially cars.  I have a phobia of driving in NYC, she doesn’t.  There.  I finally admitted that in public.  It feels good.  The following is her review of the Kia Soul!  Enjoy!!!
The Kia Soul might actually be the perfect car for city life.  I write about life in the city a lot, I know, because that’s where I live, but I grew up in the suburbs and spent a lot of time soaking up some rural life too and the Kia Soul would fit in well anywhere.  But its super cool in the city.
It handles so well and responds well to short stops and needs for acceleration – all important in the city.  And of course, parking.  You can park it anywhere . . .  except in Chelsea on a Friday night in a commercial zone.  WHOOPS!
I actually have looked at the Soul as a potential permanent vehicle for our family.  The warranty is unbeatable.  Its a funky little thing that sits just a bit higher than some of the other cars in its class.  The price is great and the color options are super fun.  I like the hatchback a lot and it has some perks that you might not always find in a smaller car.  Unfortunately, when I started my researching they didn’t offer a navigation system and it felt kinda basic.  Even with adding in options, there still seemed to be things missing.  But now it has all the tech and connectivity, all the comfort and its rather roomy for its footprint.  So really, I should be standing at a dealer trying to get myself one, I think.
The only concern I can think of is a long road trip.  While the cargo space is great for a shopping trip or a weekend away, its probably not something you could load up for a week trip for a family of 4.  But, there’s not many cars that would be able to handle that and maintain their practical size.  I feel like the KIA Soul is happy in its station glad with what it is.  And so am I!!  Plus, I feel like the family road trip is becoming a lost art — am I alone in this?
Thanks to KIA for letting us take a spin.  The gas mileage was great as was the handling and the safety features are always super impressive (and so important!) with KIA.
Oh last but not least – the LED Interior Lighting is SO cool!!
(Jennifer Link is one of my partners-in-crime, and often reviews vehicles for me because I have a phobia of driving in NYC.  Yep, I said it.)
***disclaimer:  KIA provided vehicle for purpose of review, but thoughts are mine***


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