Time for Flats: Volume 2

Yep. It’s happened again. Another episode has come and gone. I’d like to introduce you to a new feature here in “Time for Flats”:


Tweets of the Week:


I would first like to address a tweet one @RosiePope sent out earlier this week:

Cup holders are clearly labeled with instructions that usually read: WARNING: Not for hot beverages. I know that there is iced coffee, and a parent can do what a parent chooses; however, to blatantly advise someone to do something that a manufacturer warns against is irresponsible. I find it interesting that she’s a HUGE Maclaren supporter, yet cannot adhere to the warning labels they produce. I like to call these recalls “Common Sense Parenting Recalls.” Recalls that have stemmed from people not following directions have affected companies such as Bumbo, Nap Nappy, Arm’s Reach, and the infamous Maclaren “finger amputation” recall. Aside from injuring children, the recalls that are caused by people not following instructions cause manufacturers, retailers and consumers LOTS of money when products are pulled and stickers and covers have to be placed on pre-existing product.


I also find it curious that an employee of Alpha Dogs, the company that did post-production work on the series, has an employee that tweets this information:


Enough said.


This quote was left on my blog last week about last night’s episode. Instead of hearing my thoughts on the disastrous portrayal of prenatal fitness training with a lady with gestational diabetes, read this:


I am an obstetric nurse (23 years experience) and very disturbed by this show. On tonights episode a client had gained 80 lbs during her pregnancy after IVF-ET and was additionally diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The client was advised by Rosie to start a diet and exercise plan. If the client is truly a gestational diabetic she should first of all be receiving medical advice from her physician and not a dress designer. The anticipated plan of care for this client would be an ADA diet (3 meals and 1-4 snacks) with a high protein complex carb snack prior to bedtime. The only adviseable exercise that a pregnant client can initiate (if the person has not been actively exercising prior to pregnancy) is walking. If a pregnant client engages in any activity that causes her to become short of breath the fetus may be compromised. The show depicted the client engaging in new physical activity with a trainer. This client looked really ill, she appeared to be a step away from HELLP syndrome in addition to the gestational diabetes – a vey sick lady; she should also be evaluated for insulin resistance syndrome (IRS) or at best have a fasting insulin level done. Sorry, I had to vent, I was really scared for this client watching this show!IMHO”

Aside from the errors here, Rosie also told her client, who was 36 weeks pregnant, to lie down on her back.

This is a huge no-no. In this position, the uterus and all contained within can compress arteries in the back of the abdomen. This can decrease the amount of blood flow back to the heart which can cause your blood pressure to drop. Lowered pressure decreases blood flow to your uterus.

According to her site, Lacey Stone (the trainer from this episode) has a certificate in prenatal fitness. I know things are exaggerated on shows like this, but why did she not address ANY of the bad information presented in this segment? This was a missed opportunity to properly educate. Sadly, women will watch this show and value what’s presented because Rosie’s an “expert.”. Is anyone fact-checking this? Did anyone consult with Rosie or the producers while this was being filmed or edited?? This is just the latest in a stream of bad and potentially dangerous information that I fear will turn into a flood in the coming episodes.

Rosie is not a medical expert. I am not a medical expert. I know how to connect you with the proper people so scenes like this do not happen. That is one of my jobs as a baby planner. If you’re expecting and have fitness-related concerns PLEASE seek out qualified guidance–don’t take your info from “reality” tv.

Thank you for your time.



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