Toddler Feeding Throwdown

We should all know by now that the days of cheap acrylic tableware shattering on your kitchen floor are OVER. You will never again, have to witness your sweet little’s tears streaming down her face as her favorite character plate meets its final destination:  the trash can.
It’s happened to the best of us. You grab a few inexpensive cups and plates every other time you’re at Target, knowing you should make the small investment on better stuff. Not to mention the “few” times you’ve stuck that toxic stuff in the microwave. Yeah, you know better, but you don’t have a clue where to start—the industry is overloaded with kids’ feeding! Trust me, I get it. What I’m about to feature is only half of what I have actually tested. It’s a bit overwhelming and don’t even get me started on bottles. Maybe next time;)
Well, here it is. I’ve chosen the best of the best, non-toxic, easy to clean/dishwasher safe, non-breakable (most of it;), and best of all… it’s Nugget tested and mother approved.
I am ranking the sippy cups on a scale of 1-10. Ten being the best.
This first place setting is from Mighty Nest.
I absolutely LOVE this site. They offer so much more than baby/kids stuff and they give 15% of your order to your local school!
Anyway, the place setting features my favorite kids place mat, Alphabet Silicone Place Mat, in my review. It’s the easiest to clean and large enough for everything to fit on nicely:
My kids prefer, as do I, to use utensils most similar to “adult” utensils, so also at the top of my list are these precious Panda Babies Stainless Steel Utensils Set by Ginkgo. They are the perfect size for small hands, safe, and made of high grade stainless steel. I can’t say enough about this set, other than I will be ordering a few more sets for the Nuggs.
This is a great stainless steel mug, by Life Without Plastic, perfect for small hands. It’s also great for adults! It’s lightweight and has a great little handle, perfect for tots learning to use an open face cup:
The Stainless Steel Bus divided plate by Innobaby is a great option for those of you wanting stainless. It’s lightweight and the individual compartments are a little larger than typical divided plates, which I love.
These are a few products from another on of my favorite companies, Zoli. Most of you are familiar with them and know the high quality, non-toxic products they offer. Not to mention- modern and fun! The place mat, Matties, is also a top pick for mats, as it is one of the larger mats:
My problem with these children’s place mats, is they are easy to clean and wipe down, but if you have to wash it in the sink or dishwasher, they are kind of a pain. They are difficult to dry and flop around a lot (all made of silicone) when trying to wash. This isn’t just Zoli- it’s every single one I reviewed. My husband is not a fan. He thinks they need their very own drying rack and I agree.  I personally think they are great if you must protect your table top, or are traveling. If not, I would just avoid them all together. I will be on the look out for a more sturdy place mat that is perhaps made of thick silicone. If anybody has come across something like this, please let me know.
The Bot sippy cup. I love so many things about this cup. We don’t usually use a sippy unless we are in the car, store, etc.. as I like to incorporate “adult” open face cups as mush as possible. With that said, we prefer a straw. I love the flexible, weighted straw, that allows tot to drink from it no matter which way it’s tilted. They offer replaceable straws too!
Unfortunately, I had to give it a 5 on leakage. We don’t drink beverages that stain, so it’s not a deal breaker here.
BOT sippy cup:
I LOVE the Gulp ceramic tumbler by Zoli! They are heavy enough to avoid spills, but not too heavy for the child to use easily. The wide base also prevents tipping. They offer a silicone grip that’s great for kids and also for protecting my fingers from heat, when I use it for a coffee mug:
The twins use the D.Lite Stainless Steel Insulated Drink Bottle for travel and they take them to preschool. I love these for the 3 year olds that don’t use (or want to use) a sippy cup. The attached flip top lid is excellent and easy for them to use and they are leak resistant. Lightweight, unlike several other stainless insulated bottles. A Nugg favorite.
Boon offers some of my favorite tableware across the board. Everything they design is near flawless in my opinion. They offer non-breakable, non-toxic, non-skid, stack-able divided plates/platters/bowls, easy to use utensils, and some amazing sippy cup options. The Interlocking Plate and Bowl Set is genius. I want ten of them. Obviously, their drying racks are brilliant and versatile. Pretty sure Jamie is still a big fan of drying his wine glasses in them. I am also convinced they should design a drying rack for those dang silicone place mats…
So, I could go on and on about Boon… but here’s whats featured in the place setting/pictures:
The Boon cups are all super adorable. Practical. Modern. Love them.
The Fluid Sippy Cup: Absolute favorite. It has zero parts to clean. The kids are obsessed with it. I rated it a 10 for leakage- as in zero dripping. Yep. It’s amazing.
Modster Sippy Cup by Boon (pictured in Green with handles): This cup is super easy to clean. Firm spout. I rated it an 8 for some dripping.
The Stout Transitional Cup: My second favorite sippy by Boon. The best part about this cup, is it’s non screw lid. It’s easy for the kids to just “pop” it on after refilling their own drink. It has one removable valve for easy cleaning and free style drinking, if desired.
I also rated it a 10 for zero leakage/drips.
Oogaa is another brand that just gets it. The have the silicone thing down to an art. I love the divided plates (pictured) and the bowls are an absolute must have. I really don’t like using the microwave, but with 3 small children, it happens.
These plates and bowls are awesome, because when I must use instant oatmeal in the microwave, I can confidently use these bowls to heat and serve. They don’t get hot. They don’t off gas. Just awesome. Same story for all their silicone products.
Now, the place mat pictured is adorable and probably a great fit for a highchair or small table. It’s not large enough to hold a place setting. As you can see in the picture, it struggles to hold the divided plate alone. I wish they would have made this larger… and easier to clean, but I have made my opinions pretty clear about these silicon mats at this point.
Baby Bjorn has limited feeding, but I kinda like it a lot. The plate is a great size and the white dish “pops” out for easy cleaning. The Nuggets LOVE the
Baby Bjorn cups! I love them, because they don’t spill easily- wide base. They are small for little hands and super cute. If I could buy unlimited open face cups, I would most likely do a mix of these and the ceramic Zoli cups.


The next set is the mOmma Developmental Meal Set from Lansinoh.
I am a big fan of this set. It has some great features- a water chamber that keeps the baby’s food warm or cool and the round shape of the utensils keep them from laying flat or tipping. Very cool. I think they do an excellent job designing their products to be developmentally stimulating and that’s a big plus, especially when it comes to the cups and utensils. Downfall, they are not stackable.
They are also round and claim to have an, “innovative design that makes drinking both engaging and stimulating for your toddler’s development”. I couldn’t agree more. The cup is also very easy to clean, especially for a straw cup. I do wish it had the weighted ball feature that Zoli offers, but it doesn’t. That is my only complaint. I love this cup. Rated 10 for ZERO leaking. None.
MAM baby cups have been impressive. They don’t seem to modern or fancy, but they are pretty darn good sippy cups.
Of course, I like the simplicity of cleaning them- they have one single valve. These are my favorite “classic” sippy cups. They have very minimal leakage and they just work really well. I rated them an 8 and this includes the Trainer cup (pictured with the Blue and Pink). The price point is also great.
Pictured are a couple must-haves that simply make life easier:
The Juice Pal Insulated Juice Box, Happy Baby Bibs, and the Spill Proof Snack Buddy. All of these are found at One Step Ahead .
Of course, there are many products similar to these, but you can’t go wrong with the price and practicality. I could easily feature some fancy bibs and reusable snack bags, but most of the time, I don’t find them realistic. I know the plastics are not the highest quality, but they aren’t being heated or holding sensitive foods.
These bibs are super inexpensive, but they also get used a ton and need frequent replacing. I love how these fit/protect clothing, light weight, wipe clean, and wash well. They are a great material for rinsing with soap in the sink and drying quickly, before the next meal vs washing every single time. Note: I do love silicone bibs, but my kids have not liked how bulky they are, so those were not an option for us.
The Juice Pal’s are a must if you do juice boxes. They are great for car trips and don’t want the juice squeezed all over the place. Simple, but genius.
The Snack Buddy is just a great product. I honestly haven’t found a more kid friendly snack bowl that keeps bits in and allows little fingers to enter with ease. My kids love these and because they are inexpensive, I don’t mind the fact that they have misplaced a few of them.
There is a time and place for simple, practical, and moderately priced baby stuff and for this, One Step Ahead is a go-to baby brand. I have never been disappointed.
Well, this was clearly a lot of information. It took me 3 days to finish writing, but I sure hope it helps, especially with all of you first time parents. The industry is flooded with great products, but I’ve used a ton of it and I think this sums up my top picks for feeding… until next year…
…and by the way I grabbed a few cheap acrylic divided trays at Target today. I did. The ones with the cats and birds on them on sale for $2.99.
***DISCLAIMER:  product was received for purpose of review***
***Jamie’s Disclaimer:  yes, I still use the boon Lawn and Grass for wine glasses…..and coffee cups…..and my Zoli Gulps***


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