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Tranquilo Mat

Fact: I’ve had a very resonant chest my whole life. I feel this was amplified as a singer, but whatever. My entire life, whenever a baby was given to me, I would begin to speak and they would calm down because my chest vibrates so much. I’ve been called a Baby Whisperer long before I actually got into the baby business. Many of you have witnessed this at events….and I’ve even had some of you feel my chest to demonstrate it.

Babies love vibration.

And at ABC Kids Expo last year I found a product in the Inventor’s Connection that was brand-spankin-new—-like not even CLOSE to being on the market yet.

The inventor, a maternity nurse, placed a pad in my hand. This pad could be placed on the floor, under a blanket, etc….and it vibrates. She tried to explain to me the purpose but I was like “Hold on. I got this. I’m a human vibration machine and I understand.”

Meet Tranquilo Mat. This battery-powered mat is very thin, light, and has amazing effects on calming cranky bambinos. It’s incredibly soothing and has a multitude of uses (just not IN car seats….but you all know that because you follow me, riiiiiiiiiiight???). It can go under a playmat or on top of baby in a bouncer—and it’s very portable. It’s really cool and I think will help a LOT of families out.



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