Travel That’s a Drag

In a VERY good way….


Few things strike terror into parents like the thought of flying with kids. Aside from packing and dealing with the actual flight, what about all of the STUFF you have to take with you? Stroller? Playpen? Car seat? Well, the next product in #BabyGuyMotherLode aims to help you travel easier with your car seat.

The Travelmate by GoGo Kidz is the best option I have found for getting your child’s seat through the airport and onboard the plane. I know what you’re thinking: “Jamie, can’t I just check my seat like luggage?” Well, if I had been asked this question a few weeks ago I would have told you “yes.” That’s not the case anymore. If you check your seat, regardless of what bag it is in, it is thrown around with complete disregard and can be damaged. If the structure of the car seat is compromised in any way, this could make it less effective in a crash, and we certainly don’t want that. Yes, blame my Child Passenger Safety Technician training for the extra ticket you have to buy. I’m sorry, but you’ll thank me.

The Travelmate is very easy to attach to most seats by using a strap that you feed through the beltpath on the back of your seat and ratchet until it’s tight. The seat is then able to be pushed, or pulled, through the airport like a dolly. A nugget dolly, if you will. The wheels are terrific, and the adjustable handle makes it easy for caregivers of various heights to be comfortable when they are already at their limit. Until someone else one-ups this product, it’s one of my must-haves for travel.

The Travelmate retails at $84.99 and is available at and other juvenile retailers.



The Travelmate is a great piece of gear to help travel with a car seat. What is your dream family vacation?

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