Baby Tula

To say that Baby TULA Carriers have been a phenomenon would be an understatement. From private groups, to stockings, to ring shots, to stash shots, TULA has risen from a carrier not many people knew about to one of the most in-demand baby carriers on the market.




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    Love love love my Tula!! I didn't really baby wear with my first born. But decided I needed to with my second. A friend rec Tula. So comfy! I can wear my son for hours and be completely comfortable. Plus the adorable prints and fun accessories that can be made to match. My son now 18 months brings me our Foxy or our ring sling and says "uppa" he snuggles in and often falls asleep.i love the freedom of having my hands free to get things done while also being able to snuggle my little guy and have him close.

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