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Valco Baby Snap 4

The Addams Family. Baby clothes. Men on Film. Cher in Moonstruck. These are just a few things I associate with the word “snap.” I’m now happy to say that there’s a stroller worthy of association with those fine things listed above: the Valco Baby Snap 4.

Weighing in at a lovely 14.5 pounds, the Snap 4 is a lightweight option that gives you a smooth ride and many features you’d expect in a heavier stroller. Suitable from birth-44 pounds, the Valco Baby Snap 4 has a terrific recline and nice-sized seat. Like other Valco strollers, the Snap 4 also features their harness which requires that you push it down before it unsnaps, which means little hands have a harder time Houdini-ing out of the stroller.

The canopy is large and has their ExpandaHood panel built in, which allows you to expand the canopy with a simple unzip. The canopy also has a couple peek-a-boo windows, so you can always keep an eye on your little troublemaker. Another great feature is the Vogue hood, which allows you to choose from one of 9 colors to switch up your color scheme!

The generous undercarriage bag allows you to stow plenty of things you might need to carry around with you, or a dog…whichever you prefer. The wheels are foam and there is no wheel-based suspension, but it actually has a fairly smooth ride. The handle is not height-adjustable, but the height is set at a nice height and angle to accommodate people of various heights. The brake is also engaged and released by stepping down, so it’s great for flip-flops.

The fold is one-handed, and quite compact to boot. There’s a gray button on the left side that you press in and then you squeeze the gray handle trigger. It simply folds right down and has an automatic lock on the chassis. The Snap 4 also uses Valco’s Clean Fold technology–which means the stroller folds inward instead of outward, and helps keep the seat from getting dirty. For transport there’s a handle, but there’s also a GREAT shoulder strap which allows you to tote it around like a boss. Using a separate adaptor, you can snap your infant car seat right on top, which makes this a pretty terrific little travel system.

Overall, the Valco Baby Snap 4 is a great little stroller. No crazy bells and whistles, no crazy gadgets–just good stroller-making. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. The Valco Baby Snap 4 is available at Magic Beans for $279.99.

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