Video Killed the Audio Star

Monitors. Although many of my clients don’t use them due to that fact that they all live in NYC-sized apartments (closets), I do have a few that I enjoy. Recently I appeared on Better Mornings Atlanta and KTLA demonstrating a few baby products. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video Monitor was one of them, and is the next prize in #BabyGuyMotherLode.




This terrific little video monitor is worth every last cent you will spend on it. Out of the package, it sets up in moments and has a learning curve of zero. I am pretty sure my mother could even figure it out, bless her heart. The screen is quite a decent size and even has automatic black and white nightvision. It’s also a touch screen. Yeppers, you can zoom in/out as well as pan up/down and left/right all by touching the screen a couple times. The smart phone-sized monitor has a charging dock, as well as having the ability to clip to your waist band (although I caution anyone against doing this, lest you fall into the straight-guy cell phone on belt disease). The camera is also quite lovely in that it has a battery-operated dock so that you can move the camera wherever you want it without worrying about cords. Oh, and you can also add 3 more cameras to this system. That’s right, with 4 possible cameras hooked together you can cover your entire house!!! This system also has a talk-back feature so you can talk into the monitor and have your voice project through the camera. It also functions up to 400 feet.


This monitor is nailing it.


The Summer Infant Baby Touch Color Video Monitor retails for $280 and is available at Babies R Us and various juvenile retailers.




The Baby Touch is an amazing monitor and I am so thrilled that Summer Infant has donated one for this giveaway!! What is your favorite feature?


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