WIN!! If I Only Had the Verve


As a friend of Dorothy, I couldn’t resist the title. As a friend of great strollers, I couldn’t resist this new entry by phil&teds.

The phil&teds e3 was the first entrant in the in-line buggy market several years ago. For those of you who are curious, an in-line buggy is a single that converts to a double by adding a seat to the back, underneath the existing seat, creating a double that is only a bit larger than a single. This stroller caused quite a stir, especially here in NYC and other urban areas where space is at a premium, especially where sidewalks and aisles are concerned. The e3 was soon transformed into the Sport. The Sport had a “fancier” cousin, the Vibe. The Dash came out shortly thereafter. The Classic came out, the Sport disappeared. It seems that these strollers have gone through as many incarnations as Lady GaGa has outfits. The latest to hit the market is the Verve. I was privy to some private time with this guy in Vegas at the ABC Show, and dug it. A lot.

Happily, I had a corrugated cardboard explosion in my apartment recently, and when the rubble was cleared away, a sexy new Verve sat in my living room. Assembly was incredibly easy: open stroller, snap the wheels in, snap the canopy on, belly bar on. Now time to play. For this task, I called my buddy Jenn Link, a fellow baby planner here in NYC that I work with quite frequently, and asked for the assistance of her little lady, LG. I gave her a brief tutorial of how the Verve worked, and off I went, leaving the Verve with Jenn and LG while I ran to run errands. Later that afternoon, Jenn and I had a pow-wow about her additional thoughts on the Verve. First and foremost, the handling is amazing. It’s incredibly smooth due to two large rear air tires and suspension system, and the double wheel in the front makes it very stable mounting curbs. The adjustable handle is terrific, as is the one-touch built-in brake. Jenn did actually take it on the subway, and I applaud her efforts—this lady is no joke. She said some people were shooting her the stink eye, but it’s NYC and that happens.

I’ve not even touched on the double kit yet. Shame on me. Like most phil&teds strollers, the Verve converts into a double via an attachable back seat. This canopied seat is also quite plush and has 3 reclining positions! The seat recline is one-handed, and the seat folds forward and underneath the chassis so that you can fold it as compact as the single. This took me a couple times to get the knack of, but it’s actually MUCH easier than the Vibe was. Folding the actual stroller is relatively easy: release two clamps on the side, fold down. Hard, right?

This is a WONDERFUL choice for parents that want a terrific all-terrain buggy without sacrificing style.  LOVE it.

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Great air-filled tires, one-handed steering and wheel-based suspension makes for smooth sailing for your nugget.

Double wheel design in the front makes for more stable curb mounting, as well as added stability when nuggets climb in and out.

One-handed seat recline is appropriate from newborns up to 44 pounds.

Double Kit also has a weight limit of 44 pounds.

Compatible with various car seats and the peanut bassinet

7 possible arrangements of the stroller allow for any option you could possibly need except for bassinet and second seat or two newborns.

Wonderfully padded seat has a ventilated back support which is great for convection oven summers like we have here in NYC.

Decent-sized undercarriage bag.

Automatic chassis lock! Score!!

Relatively compact fold as a single that is maintained as a double!  As a matter of fact, try to differentiate the folds in the pics I’ve added!!  Make it a game! 😉

Kelly Clarkson just started playing, I am sorry. I need a moment.



Seat RECLINE is one-handed, but raising requires both hands.

Double Kit seat is rather shallow, but our 2 year-old test subject LG was able to sit comfortably in it in the top seat position without sliding downward.

Canopy is really nice and adjustable, I just wish the adjustment was smoother and had a way to level itself out.

Rain shield is not included. One would think when you pay $699.99 for a stroller it would be, but I digress.



Cocktail of Choice: Duh. YellowTail Shiraz! An Australian wine for a New Zealand company. Close enough, right?


***I was supplied with product for this review***




The lovely folks at phil&teds have generously decided to give my readers the chance to win the new VERVE with a Double Kit!!! This prize has a combined total of over $800!!! How are you eligible??? Here are the details:


Contest ends Friday, April 22, 2011, at Midnight PST. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:


philandteds is clearly a nod to one of my favorite movies, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. To be eligible to win the VERVE and Double Kit, all you need to do is tell me:


What role are you DYING to see “master thespian” Keanu Reeves re-interpret? Keanu as Queen Elizabeth? Keanu as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin? The possibilities are endless!!!  GET CREATIVE, FOLKS!!!  BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!!


Ways to enter:


  1. Comment on TheBabyGuyNYC Facebook page with your dream Keanu role
  2. Comment on my blog post below
  3. Tweet about contest tagging @thebabyguynyc and #KeanuVerve in post example: “I entered @thebabyguynyc #KeanuVerve contest&want to see Keanu play Ariel”


Each method is one entry. One entry per method per person. Don’t make me cry.


WHAT? Yes, there are TWO winners. One winner will be chosen at random for the VERVE.  The other winner will be chosen randomly from people that have all 3 entries covered 😉 This winner will receive a very special gift from the folks at phil&teds and yours truly!!! Trust me, you’ll want it.




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