OR The Post in Which I Supply Random Links for You to Click and Maybe Win Things!



So, it’s Write-Me-Wednesday again.  And it looks like the Nuggets do really enjoy the dog food!!!

I had a few great questions from last week, and I’ll be combining those with questions from this week for this Sunday’s post. Forgive me for delay, but I am a busy boy….getting off-book (memorized) for a play takes all my brain power for a few days. It’s like I have so-called “Mommy Brain.”

Well, without the whole “Mommy” part……oh well.

Here are a few things I thought you’d enjoy:


Magic Beans in Boston is doing their annual 31 Days of Giveaways, and TODAY ONLY they are giving away a Bugaboo Donkey. Click HERE for info. You know how I feel about the Donkey and Magic Beans, so I am thrilled to help get the word out about this opportunity.

My sister likes to take videos of the Nuggets and post them on Facebook. Here’s the latest involving them climbing onto furniture and getting stuck. “Table of Nuggets”

Last night I might have angered a few folks on Twitter. There was a “Certain Product That Isn’t Butter Twitter Party” going on. Most of you know I do love a Twitter Party, but I do not love people spreading the “virtues” of a highly unhealthy “food” product. This country has a HORRIBLE health problem right now, and it’s time we realized the garbage we are putting in our bodies. I know, I know—I am just as guilty of eating crap every now and then, but we need to be more aware and concerned. Here are a few articles about Butter vs Margarine-type products.


So, enjoy today! It’s a hot beast in NYC. Send me any questions you might have and I’ll whip up a magical article for Sunday.


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