ZoLi MoLy!!!!

As the final few days of #BabyGuyMotherLode draw near, I’m very happy to include a few gadgets I’ve found along the way. Today’s entry in #BabyGuyMotherLode is a set of products from Zoli Baby.

I was first formally introduced to Julianna from Zoli Baby at a celebrity gifting event in NYC. I had known the buzz b nail file trimmer, but it was CRAZY hard to find one at that time. Luckily, I was able to secure one at this event. The buzz b is an innovative little device that is a battery-powered rotary nail file. Clipping the baby’s nails is a HUGE cause of stress for many parents that I speak with, and the buzz b allows you to gently file them down. As the baby gets older, you switch the color-coordinated buffer pads. It’s a terrific device, and one that I recommend to MANY of my clients.

The Gummy Stick is a GREAT teeting tool. My wee nugget nieces used these! Designed with an anti-choke shield, these are small enough for tiny hands to hold and not worry about being over-inserted into their mouth. The tip of these are also textured to allow for “gumming” and gnawing. These are a great item.

Carting around snacks (and formula, should you need to) can be a bit messy. So I am very happy to offer two devices to help with this. The On-The-Go Formula and Snack dispenser, and it’s BIG brother, the SUMO. Both the OTG and the SUMO have a stacking design, so that you create a tower of snacks that is very easy to find in a cramped diaper bag, and also allows you to take as many compartments as you want. The OTG is great for smaller snacks, and the SUMO has sections that hold 8 oz—ideal for larger snacks for more coordinated eaters.

All Zoli Baby products are BPA and phthalate free, and the Zoli baby team is commited to continually innovating the market with safer options for your family. On a selfish note, it’s also always lovely to see them at events 😉


The final 3 days of products are here for #BabyGuyMotherLode. I am going to need a LOT of food (cocktails) to get me through the sorting of all of the entries. What is your favorite snack food for your wee one? If you don’t have one yet, what is YOURS?

This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Three ways to enter:

1. Comment on the Blog
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3. Tweet the following: “I entered to win the @ZoLiBaby buzz b, gummy stick, OTG and SUMO at BabyGuyGearGuide.com #BabyGuyMotherLode”



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